The slow cancellation of the future
Slow cancellation of the future as a rant in daily planning.

A reflection on both the naiveté and anxiety that comes up – and we provoke, around us. Naiveté in the stubbornness and will to always try to do twice as much as a human can do in a day.

Anxiety resulting from that and from the determination to keep in touch with our friends who live in other countries, but at the same time: work at our jobs to pay our rents, eat, sleep, work on our “unpaid” jobs. Meet our friends, enjoy the time with our partners, take care of our relatives. Do the laundry. Be sustainable. Read. Drink water. Go to the studio. Eat fruit. Travel. Recycle. Learn new things. Watch movies. Walk. Do some sport ! Have an opinion about Brexit, about Corona virus, about how Greece is dealing with the refugees, about our hometown political situation etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.. This is how I nd myself in a completely obnoxious mood. Trying to skype my friends, trying to make plans in the morning to call in the evening. Knowing that I won’t make it.

Feeling a bit closer to a loop slave than to a human being every time I type words like “let’s see later”, “we can try tomorrow”. This is not meant to be any criticism, as I am materialising this everyday show by postponing things for tomorrow also, but what can you do when there are not enough hours in a day?

The title is borrowed from Mark Fisher’s lecture on popular culture and music in 20-21st centuries history.